high quality visual communication

from early design stages

Our Services

3D Modelling

Products, buildings, urban settings, sculptures – our team specializes in a wide range of advanced and efficient 3d modelling tools and methods ready to digitally materialize your idea.

Concept Visualisation

Showing the process and project concept is often as important as the outcome it leads to. At drip we stand out with our ability to abstract and create captivating images at any design stage.

CGI & Animation

By harnessing the power of gaming engines we are able to quickly turn your ideas at variety of scales into immersive experiences without compromising on quality and creative expression.

The essence of your ideas

About us

Why drip? It's a reference to our favorite method of coffee making which allows for extraction of the highest quality flavor and a careful control over the variables during the process.

At drip we are committed to understanding and extracting the essence of your idea - serving it in the best way possible.

drip is also a communication model and it stands for what we aim to help our clients with:


Your specific idea from others.


Your unique brand’s message


Your audience accordingly


Your investors and stakeholders.

Our clients

We are proud to collaborate internationally with those inspiring creatives on a great variety of projects: