Solar Chimney – EWI Building TU Delft

We created this series of ‘before and after’ images to visualise the potential real-life application of a ‘solar chimney’ concept on a larger scale, featuring an adaptation of one of the most iconic buildings of TU Delft campus – the EWI building. Client:  ANNA Architect Year: 2022 back to all projects

circl village

Circl Village is a visionary project exploring new models of regenerative communal living for social and economical revival of the European countryside. Combining housing for seniors with a rich educational, cultural and touristic programme for visitors it envisions a more locally productive, globally connected, economically competitive and self-sufficient countryside in the new economy. Client:  Michal …

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Iceland Cave Tower

This series of atmospheric views was created as a part of competition entry for a landmark viewing platform in remote Iceland. A place of refuge for tourists featuring glazed bridge over a spectacular ground fissure resulting from seismic activity. The images try to reflect the remoteness of the location, long dark nights and different experiences this project has …

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